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  • Why do you need Soot Blower ?

    Soot Blower are designed specifically to clean soot off convection surfaces in Industrial boilers and heaters, furnaces

  • What is the main form of sonic sootblower?

    Sonic soot can be used pneumatic and electric, because the electric power to produce high-power sound more difficult, high cost, it is difficult to promote the use of industry, pneumatic is currently widely used in the industry is mainly diaphragm.

  • What is the acoustic frequency of the denitrified sonic soot blower?

    Cleaner sound wave design wavelengths are generally more than 1M, the frequency of 360Hz below. The acoustic frequency requires that the natural frequency of the mine structure itself be avoided. Therefore, the market appears on the cleaning device frequency design range of 70-360Hz, infrasound frequency below 20Hz