Application of Sonic soot blower in Electrostatic Precipitator


Use for  158㎡ three  electric field Electrostatic Precipitator

Our company on the field of 158m² three electric precipitator fault diagnosis for sintering plant in Qingdao steel factory  ,firstly to identify the equipment problems,then give seven suggestions for improvement,decide to use sonic soot blower technology,after improved then dust removal efficiency from 87.2% to 99.6%, the application effect as follows.


Use for  120㎡  Electrostatic Precipitator

Install mechanical razor cleaning, plate, line on the top of 120㎡  Electrostatic Precipitator in the wuhai carbonize chalk factory,but the cleaning dust effect is not good,Many times in-depth electrostatic precipitator internal diagnosis,inspection, and targeted comparative determination, and finally find the existence of defects,


Use for  180㎡  Electrostatic Precipitator

180㎡  Electrostatic Precipitator use Torsion hammer hammer cleaning method in Baotou iron Smelter factory.Put into operation early to ensure  the basic cleaning effect ,but with the time pass, the strength of the transmission force attenuation, plate, pole hanging ash increasing, cleaning effect deteriorated, a direct result of dust removal efficiency, maintenance increased.then decide to use the sonic soot blower technology ,After the transformation of the monitoring showed that: plate, line cleaning effect was significantly improved, the electric field secondary current increased by 10 ~ 20%, electrostatic precipitator export dust concentration than the lowest before the transformation also decreased by 32% to less than 50mg / m3 national emission standards , The application effect as follows.



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