Boiler soot blower


1.1 the role of the blowing: boiler running for a long time, heating surface will produce dust and coking, make the deterioration of heat transfer, for the tail flue, due to the long-term accumulated fuel, the malignant accident will happen again burning, so in boiler operation after a period of time will need to work on blowing on the heating surface, to clean the surface.
1.2 furnace, blowing the short the lance blowing for water wall surface; A long lance flue ash, blowing for heating surface of superheater and reheater.
1.3: boiler ash can cause negative pressure, steam temperature, steam pressure, load and the fluctuation of water level, and it is for different heating surface of boiler blowing effect is also different, deal with these parameters in the process of blowing to strengthen monitoring. Blowing on the burning stability caused certain effect, in the process of blowing burning surveillance should be strengthened; At low load operation and the combustion instability, not blowing; At the same time, blowing the surface cleaning, heat absorption capacity increases, thus reduce exhaust temperature.
1.4 due to large ash can cause hearth negative pressure fluctuations, larger negative pressure shall be maintained in the process of blowing in order to prevent the furnace pressure anyway.
1.5 in the operation of blowing should be to strengthen the inspection work of soot blower, found that soot blower failure should be registered and contact maintenance; Found a soot blower card and leak in the chamber of a stove or furnace should immediately stop blowing, and timely contact processing.


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