Boiler soot blower


Boiler soot blower


Providing a wide variety of soot blowing systems to large coal fired utility plants, recovery boilers in paper mills, waste heat boilers in refineries and petro-chemical plants, and garbage disposal boilers,circulation fluid bed boiler.

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During the operation of industrial boilers, fouling and coking on the surface of convection section is normal. Soot deposition has a thermal conductivity of only 0.0581~0.116w/·ºC, while metal tube has 46.5~58.1 w/·ºC. Soot on tubes would result in a higher exhaust gas temperature, lower boiler thermal efficiency, tubes erosion & leaking, sometimes, even a forced blowing out. Boiler cleaning equipment is required.


Pressure pulse soot blower is the newest type of boiler cleaning equipment. As a substitute product of long retractable soot blower (steam), short soot blower (steam), sonic soot blower, shock wave soot blower is a major breakthrough for boiler tube cleaning.


It uses the detonation impulse technology to clean the convection section of boilers, such as superheater, reheater, economizer.
After the application for various boilers, impulse dry cleaning method has replaced traditional steam wet cleaning method. Shock wave soot blower has solved the problems caused by steam soot blower and sonic soot blower. Steam blowing increases the humidity, which is potential damage for the tubes. Sonic blowing has a relatively lower energy and not efficient for different types of deposits.


Shock wave soot blower improves the cleaning efficiency greatly, reduces tube erosion rate, lowers maintenance, improves thermal efficiency, reduces operation cost.

Combustion gas (coal gas, natural gas, ethyne, liquefied gas, etc.) is mixed with air to some percentage. On the base of turbulent flow status and adjustable impulse frequency, mixed gas detonation would generate powerful wave airflow, together with shock wave and thermal radiation. Shock wave soot blower uses the kinetic energy, sound energy and thermal energy to clean boiler.


For different boilers, soot fouling is different. According to different situation, the ratio of combustion gas and air varies. Therefore, generated pressure would be different. But it is limited within safety range, instant energy at the nozzle is about 0.6MPa.


Advantages of shock wave soot blower


A multi-site cleaning solution


Unblock clogged up silos, hoppers & bins
Reduce health & safety risks


Rapid reliable equipment


Low to no maintenance


Fully automated


Prevent ash build-up on boiler tubes


Eliminate tube corrosion and erosion


360° cleaning


No costly maintenance


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