Detonation soot blower


Detonation soot blower


We developed detonation soot blower, a new generation product for boiler soot cleaning.

Detonation is a fast combustion process. Detonation soot blower uses detonation wave generated by shock pulse generator to clean boiler heating surface in power plant. Shock wave travelling at 2 times of sonic speed is generated by the detonation of mixture of fuel gas (normally acetylene) and air. Detonation soot blower could be used to clean superheater, preheater, economizer, evaporator, etc. It is featured with simple structure, easy maintenance, etc.

System composition

Detonation soot blower consists of (1) Fuel gas supply device (2) control system (3) ignition control cabinet (4) fuel gas distribution device (5) shock pulse generator (6) nozzle.

Fuel gas supply device includes acetylene gas cylinder, header, damper, regulator and pipeline. Air is pumped to ignition control cabinet by a blower. Fuel gas is also supplied to ignition control cabinet by pipeline. Ignition control cabinet has devices like mixer, ignition tank, ignitor, solenoid valve, check valve, pressure meter and flow meter. Function of ignition control cabinet includes testing pressure and flow of air & fuel gas, receiving & sending signal and feedback from and to control system, ignition of mixed gas, propagating of detonation wave. Control system has power switch, short circuit protection device, AC contactor, PLC programmer, signal light, press button, etc.

Working principle

Basic technique of detonation soot blower is to clean soot by the shock wave pulse generated by detonation of fuel gas. Fuel gas and air is fed into mixer at reasonable ratio to form flammable gas. When mixer, ignition tank, shock pulse generator is filled with gas, ignitor in control cabinet gives spark into mixed gas in ignition tank. Pressure wave generated by detonation accelerates rapidly in pipe. As temperature and pressure rise up, flame propagation speeds up also. Detonation flames run to shock pulse generator through pipeline. When flame front propagation arrives at shock pulse generator, mixed gas inside is ignited. Detonation wave is created. Detonation wave is then strengthened by multiple reflection and forms shock wave. Shock wave is shot to heating surface through nozzle, soot is removed by the instant kinetic energy, thermal energy, acoustic energy. Different cleaning frequency and cycle could be set according to actual situation of soot deposit to keep heat exchanger clean and improve heat transfer efficiency.


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