KBW New technology and new improvement of sonic soot blower


Kbw company produced the KBW brand sonic soot blower using a new  technological improvements (core components), after improved, the size has been changed to dimensions: 700 × 380 × 385mm, the total weight of components less than 50kg.

In the principle of sound, our company uses advanced regulatory mechanism on the top level . In technology, breaking many problems on the current foreign and domestic technology ,updated the technical problems.

The specific improvements are as follows:

1, breaking the traditional sounder can not make high-power technical problems.

2, breaking the puzzle at traditional voice short life

3, breaking the traditional sounder of the gas and gas special purification requirements.

4, to overcome the traditional sounder afraid of oil, fear of water and other environmental requirements.

5, to overcome the traditional sounder gas pipeline prone to gas jam phenomenon.


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