shock wave soot blower


shock wave soot blower


Shock wave soot blower is used for coal/gas/oil fired power plant, biomass power plant, cement plant, paper mill, sugar mill, metallurgy industry, waste heat recovery boiler, waste incineration boiler, etc.

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During the operation of industrial boiler, fouling and slagging on the surface of heat convection section is normal phenomenon. Soot deposition has a thermal conductivity of only 0.0581-0.116w/m2*℃, while boiler tubes have 46.5-58.1w/m2*℃. Soot accumulated on the heating surface of heat exchanger (evaporator, superheater, economizer, air preheater) would cause lower heat conduction, higher exhaust gas temperature, more heat loss, lower steam generation.


Shock wave soot blower is a breakthrough in boiler soot cleaning. It uses detonation pulse technology to clean the soot on heating surface. Steam soot blower is traditional wet cleaning method. Shock wave cleaning is dry method with advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low cost.


If the ash content in exhaust gas is high, slagging on coil tubes would even block the bundles. Shock wave generated by the detonation of combustible gas has energy high enough to cause pressure fluctuation on the surface of slags. Slags are loosened and fall down to ash silo by gravity. Soot is sticky in biomass boiler and waste heat recovery boiler in metallurgy industry, it is a big challenge for steam soot blower and sonic soot blower. For shock wave soot blower, it is so easy.


Shock wave soot blower widely used for fossil/biomass fuel fired boiler, waste incineration boiler, waste heat recovery boiler in power plant, cement plant, paper mill, sugar mill, petro-chemical plant, non-ferrous metal metallurgy industry, etc.

shock wave soot blower

  1. Fully automated control, PLC program
  2. Minimum to no maintenance
  3. Low operation cost
  4. Prevention soot accumulation and slagging on boiler tubes
  5. Eliminate tube corrosion
  6. Effective cleaning performance with sticky soot


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