circulating fluidized bed coal fired boiler


sonic soot blower used in circulating fluidized bed coal fired boiler

This paper mill is a company that uses two fiber to produce cultural paper and process base paper,

Annual output of various types of paper up to more than 100 thousand tons,use circulating fluidized bed coal fired boiler.

with the increase of production, the problem of boiler ash accumulation and short period of boiler dust removal is affected.

then we design sonic soot blower for customer .After one years of operation, the ash deposition of boiler is reduced,

the ash cleaning period is extended by one times, and the treatment capacity of boiler is improved and it achieved some success

sonic soot blower

Operation precautions

When operate sonic soot boiler should Should pay attention to control the temperature is not too high.

When compressed air is used as power source should strengthen Tfiltration of compressed air ,Otherwise,

the impurities in the compressed air will affect the action of the vibration plate, and ultimately affect the effect of dust removal.


Sonic soot blower be applied circulating fluidized bed coal fired boiler ash serious place, can effectively reduce dust,

improve the safety and operating cycle of the boiler, improve the processing capacity of the boiler.



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