Sonic soot blower


Sonic soot blower


Providing a wide variety of soot blowing systems to large coal fired utility plants, recovery boilers in paper mills, waste heat boilers in refineries and petro-chemical plants, and garbage disposal boilers,circulation fluid bed boiler.silo & hopper ,power plant ,silo & hopper ,food & Medical industry.

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1.Sonic cleaning is based on the principle of kinetic activation of dust particles using sound waves at frequencies that are normally between 125 & 400 Hz.  The sound waves are generated by a special bell shaped horn powered by air and controlled electrically by a solenoid valve. The kinetic energy imparted to the dust particles cause them to vibrate, break their bonds with other particles and the surface to which they cling. These “Fluidized” particles are then dispersed by gravity or gas stream pressure.


2.Dust build – ups occur when smaller dust particles join together i.e. greater & large mass sound energy generated by the Sonic Power System breaks the bond of these particles which allows them to fluidize and allow them to be maintained at a carrying velocity in duct work or to fall by gravity from bags and precipitator plates.  The sound waves can also be used to fluidize dust to facilitate removal from hoppers bins etc. Wherever there is problem with dust plugging, dust build up or dust flow. The system may provide the answer to the problem.


3.The method of Sonic Cleaning is in fact more useful to “Keep Clean” than to clean a dust coated surface. If the layer has already been allowed to grow too much the physical properties of the deposit can be too severe, the outer surface hardened or sintered and may cause strong adhesion to the tube. But if we permit the cleaning work periodically with short intervals, the results will be surprisingly good.


1.No requirement of costly steam-works on pressurized service air ( at 5-6 kg/ cm2).


2.Fully Automatic and continuous cleaning-controlled by a microprocessor unit,the system work on-line continuously as per designed program & keeps on cleaning the equipment with increased efficiency.


3.Effective cleaning achieves a uniform cleaning effect & cleans the inaccessible areas also.


4.Reduced operating costs is very less, it requires compressed air only during the isolation period & rest of the time air is not required.


5.Increased equipment availability-drastically reduces the equipment shut down time by keeping the system clean.


6.Low maintenance-there are no moving parts & design features are very simple so requires very minor service.


7.Increased the equioment service life.


8.Enhances plant operation safety, availability, reliability, and stability.


9.Better air pollution control


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