Soot blower failure analysis


Soot blower failure analysis

Failure 1: Soot blower can’t be started.

Probably cause:

1. No power

A. No power connected
B. Power switch is shut off
C. Fuse blown

2. Motor damaged

3. Contactor fault

A. Control power outage
B. Two phase power supply outage
C. Starter contact failure
D. Thermal relay contact failure
E. Limit switch contact not closed for forward travel
F. Coil short circuit
G. Coil open circuit

Failure 2: Soot blower can’t retract

Probably cause:

1. Limit switch failure: blocking, out of order, etc.

A. Limit switch contact not switch off for forward travel.
B. Limit switch contact not closed for backward travel.

2. Limit switching triggering failure

3. Reverse relay coil burned

4. Actuating of thermal relay

5. Other faults
A. Blowing pressure too high
B. Track rail not clean, mechanical rotating part blocked.
C. Lance tube blocked (deformed, seal plate deformed)

Failure 3: Soot blower can’t stop working after it retracts.

Probably cause:

1. Limit switch failure: block, out of order, etc.

2. Limit switch triggering failure.

3. Wiring fault.

Failure 4: Motor over load

Probably cause:

1. Lance tube deformation.

2. Lance tube bite or blocked by wallbox bush.

3. Track rail not clean

4. Pipe support not reasonable. Soot blower gets too much pressure.

5. Beam deformed or damaged.

6. Carriage nut lubricated properly.

7. Wrong gear teeth engagement when carriage being installed onto beam.

8. Support roller rotation direction not coincide with helical line.

9. Feed tube packing stuff too tight

10. Motor low quality

11. Blowing pressure too high.

Failure 5: Poppet valve can’t shut off completely.

Probable cause:

1. Poppet valve stem packing stuff too tight.

2. Poppet valve seat surface damaged or valve disc fall off.

3. Poppet valve spring damaged.

4. Valve stem bended.

5. Turn-on mechanism not good.

Failure 6: There are abrasion or corrosion on blown heating surface.

Probably cause:

1. Blowing pressure too high.

2. Blowing cycle too frequently.

3. Condensate not drained off.

4. Soot blowing angle not right.

5. Nozzle too close to heating surface.

Failure 7: Vibration or squeal during soot blower running

Probable cause:

1. Front support roller abraded or not rotate or wrong direction.

2. Lance tube bended


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