Soot blower installed for coal fired boiler


Total installed capacity of Shandong Zouxian Power Plant is 2400MW. Phase III project is 2*600MW unit. 5# boiler is put into operation on 17 Jan, 1997. 6# is put into operation on 7 Nov, 1997. The boiler is designed by Poster Wheeler company in US. It is subcritical, natural circulation, single drum, coal fired 2020tph boiler. 100 sets of soot blower is installed for each boiler.

4 soot blowers are installed for 2 air preheaters. Flue gas inlet and outlet of each APH is installed with one soot blower. Steam supply is from super heater outlet pipe. Steam design teperature is 538℃, design pressure is 16Mpa. Steam is supplied to APH sootblower after pressure reduction.

For the water cooled wall of furnace, 48 sets of IR-30 rotary soot blowers are installed. From furnace arch (Elevation 42975mm) to convective flue gas pass (Elevation 42500mm), there are 44 sets of IK-545 long retractable soot blower. At convective flue gas pass (Elevation 38500mm), there are 4 sets of IK-525 retractable soot blower. Steam supply is from platen superheater outlet pipe. Steam at 440℃, 16Mpa is reduced to 4.14Mpa and supplied to main pipe of soot blowing system.

Charateristics of soot blower

To keep heating surface clean, improve heat transfer efficiency, reduce exhaust gas temperature, various soot blowers are developed. Steam soot blower is the first generation, and then sonic horn and shock wave soot blower is also utilized. In 1971, Huangtai power plant in Shandong province installed LRSB for 2# boiler. In 1972, Laiwu power plant installed soot blower for the rotary air preheater. In 1985, 148 sets of soot blower were installed for the heating surface of 1# subcritical boiler. In the following days, 6 boilers of Zouxian power plant adopt steam soot blower.

Technical parameters of IK-545

Working radius 7620-13716mm
Traveling distance 11073mm
Transverse of lance tube 2540mm/min
Blowing time 8.48min
Operating time 8.72min
Blowing pressure 1.91MPa 1.31MPa 1.21Mpa 0.72Mpa
Steam consumption 146kg/min 73kg/min 58kg/min 36kg/min

Structure of IK-545

While the lance is rotating and moving forward, steam spray from 2 nozzles at the front end of lance impact and clean heating surface. Track of nozzle is a helical. Helical pitch is 100, 150 or 200mm.

This soot blower consists of carriage, beam, wallbox, front/rear supporting framework, SS feed tube, nozzle, lance, lance guide, poppet valve, limit switch, etc. Motor is 380V, 1.5KW, 1725RPM.

soot blower LRSB


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