Steel factory sintering machine ESP soot blower solution


Electrostatic duster of sinter machine nosing Existing problems   

Flue gas contains more Na, K, Zn and other elements ,1, these components in the flue gas is in the form of K2O, Na2O, ZnO, and gathered in the dust collector plate, corona line, so that the rapid deterioration of the electric field.

the proportion of K2O Na2O is light, the dust layer quality is small, with smoke drifted away easy, escaping from the dust collector , the dust removal efficiency decreased.


Electrostatic duster of sinter machine tail Existing problems  

Characteristics of dust have High temperature and high concentration

Containing SiO2 and other harmful substances, in addition to its composition containing iron 36%, there are a small amount of Al2O3, CaO, MgO, and ZnO, after recycling ,can be used as Sintered material. This dust efflux, on the one hand, resulting in the loss of resources, more importantly will cause serious environmental pollution.


Steel factory sintering machine ESP solution

Sonic sooting ash is an effective measure to solve the problem of the decrease of electric field voltage、current and dust removal efficiency

Diaphragm type sonic soot blower, the equipment has the advantages of small volume, small footprint, high flexibility, can be in the top and sides of the electric field distribution respectively or simultaneously, the higher side of the installation can be distributed two layers, adapt to different parts of different site, cleaning needs, acting on the plate the force is uniform.

The sonic cleaning ash technology is suitable for the elimination of ash deposition on the pole, plate and frame in the electrostatic field. Compared with the traditional ash cleaning technology, the technology has the advantages of good effect and economy and durability, high reliability, low failure rate, long service life and low running cost.



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