What kind of soot blower suit boilers?


Biomass power generation is the use of biomass power generation boilers, the general use agricultural and forestry waste as for raw materials, such as rural straw, peanut shells and other crops, waste, straw will be used to burn, fire power, then this fired Power generatio boiler is generally used for specific biomass boilers, biomass containing ingredients are: alcohol, ester, benzene, phenol, amine. In the burning process will produce volatile, but after some time, there will be a lot of fouling, and for this fouling the most effective solution is to use the boiler soot blower, soot blower use for sooting at the heating Surface of boiler of the fouling and slagging. Mainly be used to remove the fouling and slagging of slag pipes, superheaters, reheaters and economizers , can also be used to remove fouling on the roof and tube air preheater ,This boiler  soot blower be used to as a role of the boiler can directly increase the calorific value, reduce production costs, but also not need maintenance on the working , Easy to operate.


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